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Asheville, NC chiropractic care​Dr. Arnold is a 2014 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. For the last 4 years she has been practicing both in Des Moines, Iowa and Anchorage, Alaska. Dr. Arnold is married to her wonderful husband, Jeremy.

Dr. Arnold utilizes applied kinesiology which helps fine-tune the body and gives her a way to optimize the body's self-healing, self-regulating and performance ability. Insights from applied kinesiology muscle reflex testing has enabled us to achieve many of our most productive changes in patients.

In her free time she enjoys getting out into nature with Jeremy and their dogs, Sasha and Mollie. Dr. Arnold is very excited to be here in and serve the Asheville community.

Dr. Arnold has a special calling for individuals injured in a motor vehicle accident. After all, her experience with an auto injury chiropractor is how she got introduced to the chiropractic profession. She cares deeply for each of her patients and understand the severity of common car accident injuries.